La Crosse’s large-item recycling collection starts Monday

The city of La Crosse’s large-item collection starts this week.

It runs May 16 through June 10.

The collection will be done twice during the four-week time period and it will be removed on the same day your recycling is picked up.

The pick-up will allow residents to get rid of any large item as long as it is not an electronic or appliance.  

Large items are to be placed at your refuse & recycling collection point, otherwise they won’t be collected. 

The city asks that you put the items out 12 hours before pick-up and remember there is a five-item limit.

“One item would be considered a dining table with the counterpart chairs that would consist as one item. A sectional sofa would be considered one item,” said Brandon Shea, recycling coordinator with the city of La Crosse.

If you are planning to recycle a mattress and box spring, the city asks that you put that out at the last minute so it doesn’t get wet.

Anything illegally placed out at the refuse and recycling collection point will be the property owner’s responsibility.