La Crosse’s Northside Elementary to change to year-round 45-15 schedule

Another La Crosse school is joining the year-round calendar!

During tonight’s La Crosse School District Board of Education meeting, Northside Elementary announced it is working on a 45-15 schedule. School leaders are hoping to fully implement the schedule starting July of next year.

“We think that it’s going to be a connection with our children’s entire lives. We know that learning doesn’t start in September, and it doesn’t end in June. It’s the entire year-round, it’s 24-7. So it’s an opportunity to reach out and work with kids more when they’re learning all year-round,” said Northside Elementary and Coulee Montessori Charter Principal Laura Huber.

This change will only affect Northside Elementary students, not those attending Coulee Montessori Charter which is in the same building. Coulee Montessori parents and staff plan on meeting to decide if they would like to shift to a 45-15 schedule in the future though.