La Crosse’s Parking Utilities Board comes up with event parking plan

Drivers would pay flat fee of $5 during events

You now have to pay to park in downtown La Crosse ramps, but after months of planning, city officials are still trying to work out all the details.

The Parking Utilities Board met Wednesday to talk about parking during events at the La Crosse Center.

Some worry the new pay stations will cause a delay for those trying to leave the ramp after an event.

The board voted Wednesday in favor of a plan that would not require drivers to use the pay stations during an event, but instead pay a flat fee of $5 to park.

The plan also calls for using reserve police officers to direct traffic to help speed up the flow of traffic leaving the ramp.

With one of the busiest weekends in May only weeks away, the city is hoping to put the plan into motion sooner rather than later.

“The goal is that people going into graduations will be able to go into the ramps without having the pay stations functioning because basically those events are happening at times they would not be paying anyway,” said the Parking Utilities Board Chair Audrey Kader.

The plan has been approved, but is subject to change while the final details are being worked out.