La Crosse’s Washburn neighborhood welcomes new homeowner as part of revitalization efforts

There’s a new homeowner in La Crosse’s Washburn neighborhood through a concerted effort to revitalize the area.

While the home on the 400 block of Mississippi Street was built by Couleecap, it partnered with several community groups to fund the project.

Following a shooting in the area back in 2015, the city has been working to redevelop homes in the neighborhood.

“This area here between 4th and 5th on Mississippi Street– there’s just so much going on- new housing [with] more yet to come. And, for me, it just represents the actions and reality of these plans and how they come together,” said Mayor Tim Kabat.

Rose Reinert, who is the new home owner, happens to have grown up down the street.

She is excited to raise a family in the house in part because of the investment that others are putting into the community.

“From individuals all the way to the government to the nonprofits in the community– it really has been a group effort at making this area beautiful,” said Reinert.

She hopes the home will be passed down to her kids.

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