Lancers show great commitment

Like many football teams in the area, Lancers head coach Steve Kramer says the numbers for his program are a little bit down this season.

Around 40 are participating at La Crescent practices and while that number is not ideal, he’s happy about the level of commitment of those that are on the team.

“Kids are picking up things so fast,” said Kramer. “We were kind of drowning them with all of that information we’ve given them but they are doing a heck of a job. Great attitudes.”

And the one common goal of everybody playing this year is to make sure 2013 is not a repeat of the Lancers’ 2-7 record in 2012.


“We made adjustments on defense and offense to fit the skills of our players. And I think we’re already ahead of where we were at last year so we’re pretty happy with where we’re at right now.”

The coach is happy, and his players are responding in his second year on the job.

“I would say the plays are more simpler this year and he’s getting his players going a lot faster now,” said senior Neil Wieser.

“Last year he kind of laid back a little bit being the new coach, wanted to come onto the kids a bit easier. But this year he’s really pushing the kids and I’m really enjoying that and I think that is going to make our team a lot better.”

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