Large response to proposed Badger Coulee Line from residents

About 1,600 people sign petition against line through Onalaska

A petition drive to stop a high voltage power line running through Onalaska is getting residents more involved in the debate.

Residents collected opposition letters and signatures yesterday to gain support against what is known as the Badger Coulee Line.

The line, proposed by the American Transmission Company and Xcel Energy, would run either north through Holmen or South through Onalaska. The opposition letters and petition will be sent to the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, the agency which makes the final decision.

With about 1,600 people taking part in the petition drive the city’s development director says it’s a strong show of opposition.

“People were very adamant about that whether they lived 100 feet from the line or whether they lived a 1,000 feet from the line. They just did not want a high transmission running through Onalaska,” said Onalaska Development Director Brea Grace.

Residents will get a second chance to weigh on in the issue in just a few months.

The public service commission will hold public hearings sometime in early December.