Last few days to visit Rotary Lights

Organizers test out annual display for annual Rotary Lights

In just a couple days the Rotary Lights will wrap up for the season. The lights are turning off at 1 AM on Jan. 1.

People can ring in the New Year by walking through the lights one last time. Visitors will be able to see the fireworks on New Year’s Eve, which are shot off from Grandad Bluff at 6 p.m. for kids and again at midnight.

Organizers said it’s been another good year for the Rotary Lights, but the season is shorter than it’s been in the past so they think the total amount of visitors will be less than average.

As they prepare for take-down, volunteers hope this warm weather continues.

“Thirty-some degrees on the 28th of December with no snow on the ground, it’s got to be one of the warmer days. As long as it’s going to be like this, let’s have it stick around for one more week while we get everything down,” said Pat Stephens, president of Rotary Lights.

Due to the weather, the ice rink is closed, but organizers plan to keep it open until February.

They are looking for more volunteers to help take down the lights. If you would like to help you can call 608-784-9993.