Last-minute tips for brides

When your big day arrives you might overlook a few details. Plan in advance to make sure you remember these easy-to-forget tasks.

— Don’t forget to eat! Make sure you schedule in time to eat while getting ready.

— Bring tissues or a handkerchief.

— Pack hairspray, extra makeup, hair pins and other items you might need for touch-ups throughout the day.

— Create tip envelopes for your vendors, and arrange to have someone pass them out before the end of the night.

— If you’re staying at a hotel or another venue the night of your wedding, try to drop your luggage off early. You don’t want to deal with luggage while you’re trying to get ready on your wedding day.

— Arrange for a safe transport of your wedding dress to the venue if you will be getting dressed there.

— If you’re leaving for your honeymoon right after the wedding, try to pack a day or two before the wedding to ensure you aren’t forgetting anything, including your passports if needed.

— Make sure you talk to your photographer before your wedding day to discuss what kinds of images you want, especially if there are particular group shots you want him or her to take.

— Make sure the entire wedding party knows what time to appear for photos. You don’t want to risk throwing off the schedule for the entire day by having someone late for photos.

— Keep your bouquet hydrated so it keeps looking fresh all day. Arrange to have a vase set up that you can put the bouquet in while you’re not holding it.

— Designate someone to take home your wedding gifts from the reception.