Lawmakers’ visit highlights importance of WI in 2012

LA CROSSE, Wis. — The presidential election is still nearly four months away, but Western Wisconsin is already seeing campaign stops on behalf of the candidates.

On Monday, two Democratic state representatives from Massachusetts traveled more than 1,000 miles to deliver a message to Wisconsin.

“Some of the promises Governor Romney made when he ran for governor…creating jobs, economic development, not raising taxes….(those) all went by the wayside when he was elected,” said State Rep. Bruce Ayers (D-Massachusetts).

Ayers and State Rep. James Murphy (D-Massachusetts) appeared with State Sen. Jennifer Shilling (D-La Crosse) at an event at the Northside Community Police Center Monday evening. The lawmakers are on a two-day tour through Wisconsin, with stops in La Crosse, Green Bay, Stevens Point, Madison, and Milwaukee.

“I’m here to just let people know what I know,” said Murphy.

Murphy says Wisconsin, a state President Obama won easily four years ago, is a priority for Democrats in 2012. However, he does not believe last month’s result in the recall election is a sign that Wisconsin is now a red state.


“I don’t think that’s going to be indicative of whether someone’s going to vote for the President. Is it necessarily a good thing for the President? No. But does it mean that the President can not take Wisconsin.? No I don’t think it means that either,” said Murphy.

“June 5th (the recall election) told the entire world that Wisconsin leans red and we’re proud of it,” said Julian Bradley, chair of the La Crosse County Republican Party.

Bradley says this early visit from Obama-surrogates is an indication Democrats are worried about losing Wisconsin.

He also says Romney’s record as governor is not what really matters in this election.

“I think people in Wisconsin need to not look at Romney’s record in Massachusetts but they need to focus on what he can do for the people of Wisconsin,” said Bradley.

According to the latest poll, President Obama is leading Romney in Wisconsin 49% to 43%.