Leap year twins celebrate their ‘third’ birthday

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – One set of twins are celebrating their third birthday… but they definitely don’t look it!

Samantha and Sara Osesek are leap year twins.

We met them four years ago, and boy have things changed!

Born in 2008, the girls turned 12 on Saturday.

They’re in sixth grade at Holmen Middle School.

Sara loves gymnastics and Samantha enjoys horseback riding.

And they may be twins, but when asked if they’re alike, this is what they said:

“No! Not at all, we’re really different. I’m super short, she’s pretty tall. She has blonde hair, I have brown hair. I have brown eyes, she has blue eyes, and our personalities are totally different.”

The girls say they still celebrate their birthdays each year but the 29th is always extra special.

Next leap year will be their sweet 16, and they’re already making big plans.