Lederhosen Luncheon kicks off Oktoberfest

Event provides German cuisine like brats, sauerkraut

The Gemütlichkeit has started in La Crosse and Oktoberfest was ready to get rolling.

One of the first events of the now four-day festival is the Lederhosen Luncheon. A mix of this year’s and last year’s royal family got things going.

On hand was the outgoing Festmaster who, because of the schedule change, got to be in charge of the event for a second time.

“We feel honored even though we’re changing from 9 days to four days, I think the public is going to see as much entertainment, they’re going to get as much value,” said 2013 Festmaster David Ring.

Festers got a taste of some German cuisine, which of course includes brats and sauerkraut.