Legacy of Aldo Leopold honored with nature walks through La Crosse area habitats

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – Conservation groups and environmental enthusiasts took an ecology walk Saturday morning to celebrate the legacy of Aldo Leopold.

The author and naturalist published the first textbook about wildlife management in 1933.

At Goose Island, visitors discussed current wildlife and conservation projects with local management leaders and educators.

The walk went through one of the largest floodplain forests in the continental United States.

“This habitat type is becoming rarer over time as the landscape is changed for human uses and due to invasive species and climate change,” said Refuge Ranger Katie Julian. “We have this incredibly diverse forest here that’s really, really important to migratory songbirds.”

This was just one area celebration of Leopold, and events were held all over Wisconsin to remember his life’s work.