LGBT leader travels to White House for Affordable Care Act briefing

In less than a month, the federal marketplace for subsidized health insurance opens for business.

A member of the La Crosse community is hoping to gain insight on the changes during a trip to our nation’s capitol.

Jackson Jantzen, the executive director of the Seven Rivers Region LGBT Resource Center, is headed to the White House this Thursday for a briefing on the Affordable Care Act and its effect on the LGBT community.

While there, he will be able to talk with other local leaders and attend sessions about access to quality and affordable health care.

Jantzen said he hopes he can help the community be more prepared for the changes to come.

“From an information perspective I think it’s great, but I think even more so from the center’s perspective and from an organizational perspective, it’s more important that we’re able to let the community know that we’re trying to support everyone in our community, represent everyone in our community and create opportunities for every member, not only the LGBT population but the community as a whole,” said Jantzen.

The Organization has set up a fundraiser to help cover travel expenses.

Some of the money will also go toward future community health initiatives and programming Jantzen is planning once he returns from the briefing.

They hope to raise $2,500. If you’d like to help, head to their campaign website.