Library holds electronic recycling event

Residents get rid of electronics, library makes money

The La Crosse Public Library is helping you get rid of some of your old electronics.

They partnered with Dynamic Recycling to hold an E-Waste event Sunday.  Residents brought in old TV’s, computers and other electronics to be recycled.  They had a huge turnout, between 75 and 100 cars just in the first hour.

Organizers say the event keeps electronics out of the landfill, but it also benefits the library.  Any electronics that can be refurbished and sold, a percentage of the money will go to the library.  “So we’re going to make a little money off of it,” says Library Director Kelly Krieg-Sigman, “it gives us an opportunity to partner with another organization to provide the service, it gets the stuff out of your basement and, win, win, win all the way around.”

The library hopes to make this a permanent partnership with Dynamic Recycling so residents can bring their e-waste to the library anytime.