Live camera feed will feature falcon family

DRESBACH, Minn. — Remember the people behind the popular Eagle Cam in Decorah, Iowa? They will soon have a new camera up and running.

The latest project from the Raptor Resource Project will feature a Peregrine Falcon’s nest. It is located on one of the bluffs near La Crescent.

Peregrine Falcons became an endangered species starting in the 1950’s.

Bob Anderson, with the Raptor Resource Project, says he the group has been following this falcon family for about 10 years. Now, their every moment will be broadcast live on Ustream.

“The falcons won’t be returning until probably the end of February, so for a few months, you won’t see much,” said Anderson.

“But this is the time where we do our work when we’re not disturbing the birds. So the cameras are installed now and it will be a couple months wait before they come back from their South American winter vacation,” he added.

The Raptor Resource Project received some help getting its latest project set-up.

Jonathon Howe, a Minnesota Boy Scout, ran 1,200 feet of cable for the installation. Howe and his father also designed the nest box for the falcon eggs. It prevents raccoons and other animals from getting inside.

Both contributions may earn Howe an Eagle Scout badge, the highest mark in the Boy Scouts program.

“That will be a big accomplishment for me and also I’m very interested in the field of ornithology and studying wild life in North America. It’s just always intrigued me and I thought this would just be a great project ,” said Howe.

The falcon eggs will be laid in April. They then hatch about 30 days later.