Live video to show progress of UW-La Crosse student center

Construction to begin in October

Construction for the new UW-La Crosse student center will start in October and a camera installed on top of Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex will allow people to watch streaming of the building process.

The new student center will be located on the parking lot east of Wimberly Hall in the same spot as the old police services building.

UW-L has used this time lapse video technology before for the construction of Centennial Hall, Eagle Hall, Reuter Hall, the Health Science Center, and the old stadium at the Veterans Memorial Field Sports Complex.

“We started doing this because UW Systems wanted to see the construction process. People are captivated by what they can’t see in real time,” said Jim Jorstad, UW-L director of Academic Technology Services.

The streaming webcam will start when construction of the student center begins in October and be completed in early 2017.