Local artist completes Halloween mural on La Crosse’s northside

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A local artist is keeping the Halloween spirit alive.

Cody Sanderson works at North Country Steak Buffet on La Crosse’s northside, but he’s also a talented mural artist.

Over the last few weeks, he has been spray-painting a Halloween mural on the side of the restaurant and recently finished it up.

It features a spooky haunted house, kids dressed up in costumes, and ‘Happy Halloween’ written in graffiti-style.

People are invited to stop by and take some fun pictures in front of it, there are even hay bales and pumpkins to pose with.

Sanderson said he wanted to do something special for kids in the community since many traditional Halloween festivities are being put on hold.

“Something popped in my head, like I should paint a billboard. Then I went to Kathy, the owner, and asked ‘what if I paint a mural on the chimney?’ I thought she was going to say no but she said yeah right away,” he said.

Unfortunately, he will have to paint it over when November comes so you’ll want to stop on over while it’s still up!