Local church finds a unique way to hold its Easter service

STODDARD, Wis. (WKBT) – Easter services were canceled, but Christians are still finding ways to celebrate the day.

On Easter Sunday the Stoddard United Methodist Church held its service in the parking lot while people stayed in their vehicles with the windows down.

Live music and uplifting messages gave attendees hope for a brighter future during these difficult times.

But finding creative ways for people to carry out their faith hasn’t been easy.

“We were really struggling to find a way that we can really celebrate this great day. Because it’s a day of hope for us,” said Reverend Banze Kyabuntu Wakiluba.

The church has also been live-streaming its services and provides the community with updates through Facebook.

Reverend Banze Kyabuntu Wakiluba says people across the nation have been tuning in to them, including as far as Arizona!