Local church transforms into emergency warming center

Wesley United Methodist is gearing up for cooler weather

For years the Wesley United Methodist has opened it’s doors to any who wanted worship, but church leaders wanted to do more. 

So when area shelters reached capacity  last year Pastor Ellen Rasmussen opened her church to the homeless.

“Disaster is never convenient, Severe weather is never convenient and you just have to be willing to do the best that you can.” Rasmussen said.

The experience made her realize the need in the community and she’s planning to do it all again, and asking the community for help.

The church will be open around the clock once the county declares a weather emergency.

“We’re asking people what piece can you help us out with were not asking for anyone person on any one organization to do it all,” Rasmussen.

Besides providing people with a warm place to sleep the church also is serving breakfast lunch and dinner not just to guest but to anyone who needs a warm meal.

If you’d like to get involved go to volunteer.laxareavoad@gmail.com.