Local couple welcomes baby on 11/11/11

LA CROSSE, Wis.– One of our area’s newest residents has a unique birthday.  Little Natalie Crystal Rose was born Friday, 11/11/11, at Mayo Clinic Health Systems in La Crosse.

Natalie was due on the 27th so she’s a little early, but is perfectly healthy.  Mom Brittany jokes that Dad will have an easy time remembering his family’s birthdays.  “We were hoping and praying that it would be 11/11/11.  Just for the easy birthday, the neat birthday.  Her birthday is 11/11/11, mine’s 8/18/88.  His mom, her grandma is 12356.  So he’s got it good, he can remember them easily!,” says Brittany Hawes.

This birth didn’t come without a little controversey.  Little Natalie was wearing a Packers hat we visted.  Mom is a Packers’ fan, dad supports the Bears.  But dad says it was okay for Natalie to wear the Packers hat Friday since mom went through the delivery.

Brittany actually went into the hospital at 11 last night when she knew it was time just to throw another ’11’ in the mix.