Local doctor responds to study on C-sections

A new study shows a possible link between c-section births and future health problems in kids.

The German study shows kids delivered by c-section are about 80% more likely to develop Celiac disease, a digestive disorder. The babies were also five times more likely to develop certain allergies.

Doctors at Gundersen Health System say a normal birth will stimulate the immune system, something that doesn’t happen during a c-section.

They caution it’s just one study, but it can help doctors and patients make an informed decision. “Maybe we have one more tool in our toolbox to talk to moms about as to what form of delivery do you want, if it’s an elective c-section and we can push mom a little more to say maybe we should try a vaginal delivery, let’s hold c-section back and that’s happening in and of itself at a lot of centers anyway,” said Gundersen Dr. Todd Mahr.

One in three babies in the U.S. are born by c-section, a more than 50% jump in the past 15 years.