Local grant program helps promote events in La Crosse County

Local organizations are getting help attracting visitors to the area.

The county collaboration, Explore La Crosse, created a new grant program for organizations hosting events that will promote La Crosse County.

The idea is to help organizations market events outside of the county, to bring in more people to the area.

All of the money comes from local room tax dollars.

So far 8 grants have been handed out, one of them to the Co-op Credit Union Coulee Cup, a soccer tournament that will bring dozens of visiting teams to the region.

“This is a perfect example, they’re bringing in 52 teams into the area for this brand new event, tons of kids and her families. We want to help them promote themselves so people come here see La Crosse and they want to come back on vacation on another time,” said Amy Gabay from Explore La Crosse.

Other grant recipients include Mid West Music Fest, Riverfest, and the Oktoberfest Shuttle program.