Local group aims to prevent motorcycle crashes

Last year 82 motorcycle riders and passengers died in Wisconsin traffic crashes.

This is why one group is trying to prevent crashes by offering a safety course to riders.

Ride safe Wisconsin hosted a motorcycle safety course Saturday in Onalaska.

The course is a combination of classroom and riding techniques, including breaking and motorcycle control.

Organizers say it is important for riders to learn or to refresh their skills in the spring.

“May is normally motorcycle safety month you know in Wisconsin we put our motorcycles away for the winter we get cobwebs and forget correct techniques it’s good to come out in the spring and go through a course like this just to refine our skills and get back into the correct mindset to ride our motorcycles safely,” said rider coach Les Mlsna.

Ride Safe Wisconsin has been offering courses for 12 years.

Eight riders took part in the one day safety course.