Local health expert says a second wave of the coronavirus could happen

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – A Mayo Clinic Health System expert is saying we might see a second wave of the coronavirus in the fall.

A variety of factors go in to determining whether or not there will be a second wave.

Al Dababneh, infectious disease with Mayo Clinic, says it depends on how widespread the disease is at that point.

Easing restrictions too early could cause another outbreak, and it’s not recommended everything re-opens at once.

Also increasing testing is another key factor.

But nothing is certain right now.

“All we could say is we’re gonna be more prepared than we were a couple months ago,” Dababneh said. “So right now, we still don’t have any FDA-approved treatments. We’re hoping by then, that that will be an issue of the past. I mean things are moving at a fairly rapid pace.”

Dababneh says the fall is usually the time when other respiratory diseases, including the flu, start ramping up.