Local middle school students learn about September 11

Lincoln Middle School students talk to parents about their experience that day

Thursday marked the 13th anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

Most middle schoolers weren’t alive for the terror attacks. The others were too young to remember the day.

A class assignment for 8th graders at Lincoln Middle School in La Crosse had the students talking to their parents or someone else about their experience that day. They shared those stories in class Thursday.

One of the student’s parents had recently moved to the United States and spoke limited English. Her dad turned on the TV and saw what was happening and initially thought it was a movie.

“Every time he clicked, you know, next channel, next channel, it would be the same thing. And he was thinking that it was something else in a movie, because obviously movies won’t appear on every single channel, so he kind of figured that out after that point,” said 8th grader Maria Yang.

Members of our community honored the day with the annual Freedom Walk at Riverside Park.