TUNE IN! Local Music Live Streams

A listing of great, local talent live streaming performances for you!
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Enjoy this listing of area musicians offering Live Stream performances!

This is an opportunity for you to sing along, play along and invite your children to join the jam as well! Message the musicians and enjoy the camaraderie.

News 8 Now will continue to update the list as more become available.

Musicians, get on the list here!



Andy Hughes ( TUGG, Andy Hughes & the Mighty Few, The 3 Dads)
Watch on Facebook here! Check back for more live streams
He has been raising money for area full-time musicians who need support due to their performances being canceled for the next couple of months.


Country Caravan
They plan to play twice a week.


C. Schell
Check out her Facebook for live stream dates!
**Musician states some music or commentary may contain swear words.


Check them out on Facebook!
Performances will be once or twice a month
“Stay safe, and support local, original music.”


Jaclyn Freeberg and Michael Angelo
April 8th from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.
They will be singing duets and solos – everything from Frank Sinatra to Sara Bareilles.


Jason Montero
Jason plans to perform every Sunday at 4:00 p.m.
Look for his performances on Facebook.


Jordan Mattmiller
Jordan hopes to perform twice a week: Wednesday and Saturdays at 6 p.m.
Look for performances on Facebook
“I play music with heavy themes but I’ll try to be inclusive to everyone!”


Lily Bingol
Join Lily on Instagram here
Lily will sing along with playing piano or guitar
“Have more self-love and positivity. Everything is gonna be alright.”


Luke Ledbetter
Luke will play some original songs he’s written as well as covers of other artists and songs. His performances will be Friday evenings at 5pm starting April 10th. If you have specific requests, please send him a direct message on Facebook, and he will try his best to accommodate them.
Luke Ledbetter Music Facebook Page


Never 2 Late Band
Check them out on Facebook! They plan to play once or twice a week.


Pete Engh
Pete will plans to stream once per day on Facebook!
“Music is the key to the Soul.”


Ryan Howe
Ryan will be streaming his music on Facebook.
He hopes to be doing weekly performances.
“I would like to share a message of optimism, remaining calm, and being highly observational of all that is happening around us. Despite the viral outbreak we are enduring, we can remain in touch with each other and use this time to better ourselves.”


Sawyer Utah
On April 21st at 1:00pm, pop singer-songwriter Sawyer Utah will perform live on 96.5 KISS FM – Cleveland’s #1  Hit Music Station’s Instagram. He will be featured in 96.5’s Instagram Live “Social KISS-tance” program where he will perform and be interviewed about his music.


Scott Wilcox
Join Scott on Facebook here.
Scott is offering performances 5 days a week, Monday through Friday (Check his Facebook Page for details)
“Music is the language that connects us all!”



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We are looking for area musicians that are offering Live Stream performances! It’s an opportunity for community members to sing along, play along and invite their children to jam with you in the comfort of their own home! Just fill out the form below to share your gift of music with many who will appreciate it during the ongoing isolation due to the coronavirus pandemic.