Local nonprofit org. hopes to benefit from college students moving out

Salvation Army looking furniture, clothing, home décor donations

Unwanted items from moving students could go a long way in filling stores for local nonprofits.

The Salvation Army expects to take in furniture, clothing, and home decor when students move out.

Items with holes, rips, or stains are not accepted. TVs older than 7 years as well as entertainment centers will also be turned away.

While high furniture donations are expected, one type in particular is in high demand.

“Beds right now are really what we need the most of, even futons at this point. We’re a little bit low on beds this time of year,” Monica Nelson, store manager at the Salvation Army’s Thrift Store on Copeland Avenue.

A donation pickup is scheduled this Monday on UW-La Crosse’s campus. Drop-offs will also be accepted at the Salvation Army store on Copeland Avenue.