Local Packers super fan talks about his pride ahead of Sunday’s NFC Championship Game

SPARTA, Wis. (WKBT) – Packers fans in our area are gearing up for Sunday’s big NFC Championship Game against Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If the Packers win, they go on to Super Bowl LV in Tampa Bay.

This is the time of year when sports kick into high gear.

“I’ve been a Packer fan ever since day one,” Packers super fan Bryce Sherin said.

Sherin is a 41-year-old Sparta native.

“What was I going to be? A Bears fan,” Sherin said.

Along with his wife and three kids, carries extra pride for the Green and Gold.

“We’re all Packer backers,” Sherin said. “We’ve been season ticket holders for the last 12 years, my son Isaac and I…We’re just bigger fans I guess at the end of the day.”

He goes up to seven home games in a normal year, shirtless.

“You know how many free drinks a guy gets without a shirt on? In the freezing cold,” Sherin said.

But when he’s not at Lambeau Field, you can catch him watching the games on the projector in his Packers man cave.

“This whole room here is kind of speaks of our pride,” Sherin said.

Like every fan, he’s a got a few pre-game rituals in his pocket.

“We face paint,” Sherin said. “Put on the music. Get pumped up…I wear the same clothes every Packer game. Almost right down to the underwear. They’re always clean. They always get washed.”

And lastly, a little bit of alcohol consumption is required.

“If dad don’t shotgun a beer, the Packers don’t win,” Sherin said. “Oh, I promise you.”

But for all the games this season, he’s had to take his rituals to the basement.

“It’s not the same feel, you know, being in your home,” Sherin said.

They’ve had some fun together, though.

As for this Sunday, Sherin says they’re all going to pump themselves up just like they have all season.

“The kids are going to crank up the Packer music and the polka songs and we’re going to roll out that barrel,” Sherin said.

And he’s carrying all that extra pride to cheer on Wisconsin’s biggest team.

“We’re going to watch the Packers kick the living heck out of the Tompa Bay Gronkaneers,” Sherin said, poking fun at Tampa Bay’s team name. “That’s a fact.”

Sherin says he was almost able to go to the NFC title game on Sunday.

As he was trying to pay for the tickets, somebody else got the tickets before him.

He says at least he made an attempt to go to Lambeau Field.