Local political analyst discusses potential outcomes of the South Carolina primary

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) – South Carolina’s primary has many democrats on the edge of their seats.

After Tuesday’s debate candidates crisscrossed the state to prepare for the big day.

Senator Bernie Sanders is leading the pack with 51 delegates.

But the latest CBS News Poll showed former Vice President Joe Biden with a slight lead in South Carolina.

For Pete Buttigieg going into the primary, polling showed he hasn’t been able to gain the support of African American voters.

Political analysts say Warren has the financial resources to keep going but not the delegates.

Tom Steyer has invested heavily in the state, putting his campaign on the line with voters.

One local political analyst says this primary will separate the strong from weak.

“The early states simply matter more than the later states. They shape the contest more than the later states do. And so that means South Carolina has a significant influence in terms of shaping the race moving forward,” said Anthony Chergosky, political analyst.

For Tom Steyer, the results meant the end to his campaign.

Chergosky says after Super Tuesday it will be clear who will be the front runners.

Amy Klobuchar has fallen behind in South Carolina and Bloomberg isn’t on the ballot.