Local republican running for 94th Assembly District seat

Julian Bradley is 3rd congressional district Vice-Chairman for Republican Party

A local Republican is throwing his hat into the public arena ring.

Julian Bradley announced his candidacy for the 94th Assembly District Saturday.

Bradley is an area businessman and 3rd congressional district Vice-Chairman for the Republican party. He says he’ll work on giving our community a voice.

“I decided to get into this race because the people in Western Wisconsin deserve a real voice at the table. We’ve seen, consistently if you look my opponent’s record, he’s voting no almost across the board. People deserve to know what you’re for, not just what you’re against, and we deserve to have a voice at the table, we deserve to be able to be up there in the negotiations and getting a vote,” said Bradley.

Democrat Steve Doyle currently holds the 94th Assembly District seat and will be Bradley’s opponent.

Bradley last ran for Wisconsin Secretary of State in 2014.