Local residents take part in research just by donating blood

Mayo Clinic BioBank collects samples, uses them for research

Hundreds of people in the area are taking part in research studies just by donating some blood.

Mayo Clinic Health System in the La Crosse area has been a part of Mayo’s BioBank for a year now.

It collects blood samples and health history of people who want to participate, then uses it for research. About 2,100 people in our area are taking part.

Samples from the BioBank are involved in about 110 studies.

“There’s a smoking study that recently opened that uses BioBank participants, invites those people to participate. There’s a study on kidney stone formation, there are several genetic studies,” said Research Options Supervisor Terri Pedace.

Between Mayo Clinics across the nation the Biobank is trying to collect 50,000 samples. Right now they’re about 8,000 short.