Local school libraries to receive additional funding

School libraries in Wisconsin are getting a big boost in funding.

Through a state program known as the “Common School Fund,” school libraries across the state will split more than 30-million dollars. The La Crosse School District’s share is $242,087.

The money is given to the libriaries to buy electronic books, games, and other educational materials.

As techonolgy becomes more useful in the classroom, the funding helps libraries incorporate digital resources for their students. “We still do use books in print, but the e-resources are really huge right now with what’s coming down and with what the children are reading from all the electronic devices and the e-books and the e-resources and the reference libraries that we can offer as far as students online. A lot of online subscription data bases that we use, the students use those too,” said Lincoln Middle School’s L.M.C. Director Linda Watson.

The Common School Fund was established in the Wisconsin Constitution as a permanent school trust fund.