Local speaker talks about ‘appearance bias’ in workplace

Bullying isn’t just a problem for kids in school, experts say it’s thriving in the workplace too.

Employers got together at Piggy’s in La Crosse Wednesday to learn about civility in the workplace.

Specifically, one of the speaker’s talked “appearance bias.” That’s when employees put a value on co-workers based solely on first impressions.

The speaker says that creates a rude, unproductive work environment. She says it’s something employers need to be proactive to try to stop. “Employers need to really start from the top and get people on board that having a civil, respectful work environment is good, good for business, good for people involved there,” said Julie Melander Holmes from MRA/Trusight.


News 8’s Jennifer Livingston also spoke to the group, sharing what she learned going through the national spotlight.