Local students compete in dairy cook off

Area students got to learn more about Wisconsin’s most famous product while also putting their cooking skills to the test today.

Kids from Longfellow and Lincoln Middle Schools as well as Central, Logan and Bangor High Schools took part in the first ever La Crosse County “Dairy Cook Off.”

The teams faced off to see who could come up with the most creative — and tasty — versions of grilled cheese and mac and cheese.

Organizers say they hope the kids get more than just some new recipes out of the competition.

“Learning about the dairy industry, learning about the cheeses and then associating a face with the food,” said La Crosse County Dairy Promotions committee member Jody Hoyer. “You know, we’re all farmers here and that’s what we’re hoping, that they can get that contact.”

Students could make their mac and cheese dishes ahead of time, but had a 30-minute time limit to make the grilled cheese sandwiches for a panel of three judges.