La Crosse voters react to the Presidential debate

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT) — Last night’s Presidential debate was nothing we’ve ever seen before. La Crosse voters still waiting to cast their ballots were annoyed following Tuesday night’s debate.

“Honestly, I don’t think it gave a whole lot of information to the voters,” said Bre Greene, a college student planning to vote in the November Presidential election.

“I don’t know what they said. I was just embarrassed at how they butt into each other,” said Gary Kreutz, a longtime voter.

The debate is being seen by analysts as a total failure.

“It was 90 minutes of chaos. That was 90 minutes of people not following the rules. That was 90 minutes of not having any sense of decorum,” said political analyst Anthony Chergosky.

Topics that local voters said they were interested in hearing, were drowned out by the interruptions.

“Both parties’ take on the coronavirus, obviously as a student I’m very much impacted, especially here in La Crosse with such high numbers,” said Greene.

“I’m getting older, and health care is one of them. And they didn’t explain exactly how it’s going to work,” said Kreutz.

“If people of Western Wisconsin wanted clarity from this debate, that was the last thing they got,” said Chergosky.

Both Greene and Kruetz have yet to vote, and watched hoping for some direction.

“I don’t think that either party really gave a clear answer or plan to what they would do,” said Greene.

“The whole world is laughing at us, for choosing two guys that are very inconsiderate. It’s sad,” said Kreutz.

According to Chergosky, the debate was the worst in American History.

“It was an embarrassment. This debate, it was a profound humiliation for the United States,” said Chergosky.

“Both parties I think just could’ve shown a little bit more respect to each other. And overall I didn’t really feel like I learned much more than I already knew,” said Greene.

Chergosky advises Western Wisconsin residents who wanted the debate to provide clarity, to look past the interruptions that occurred last night, and do independent fact checking from credible sources.