Locals celebrate traditional Indian festival called Deepawali

Deepawali means a festival of lights

For the fifth year in a row, local residents took part in a traditional Indian Celebration called Deepawali, which means “A festival of lights.”

Although it is of Hindu origin, the festival is celebrated all over the nation and is no longer considered a religious festival.

It’s the recognition of good over evil where people get together to celebrate accomplishments throughout the year.

The Cultural Heritage Association of India puts on the festival. Attendees got a chance dance, listen to Indian music, as well as, try traditional Indian Food.

One organizer said she puts the festival on every year because it allows others to experience her culture.

“Doing this kind of festival helps us show the best part about India, their cultures, their music, their dances, their food so this is my way of contributing to society,” said Puja Mehta.

Because the Indian culture follows the lunar calendar, Deepawali is held every year around October and November.