Log rolling tournament helping local woman fighting cancer

Pink t-shirts show support for Koblitz family

Local log rollers came together to support a person in need at a recent event.

The Rusty Ankle Log Rolling tournament was held Sunday at the YMCA. Pink T-shirts could be seen all over the event. They were to support Kathy Koblitz, a mother of one of the log rollers who was recently diagnosed with cancer.

Participants looked to both compete as well as offer community support for Kathy and her family. It’s something they look to continue even after the event is over. “We’re going to continue to get him to class, we’re going to continue to help bring them meals as a community and make sure their family runs just as it did before Kathy’s cancer,” said Leah Burns from the La Crosse Area Log Rollers Association.

An estimated 30 participants showed up and sported the pink T-shirts.