Logan High School holds academic pep rally

When people think of pep rallies, they usually think of athletics.

Logan High School is working to change that stereotype and held a pep rally for its top academic students.

The student-driven organization known as “Ranger Renaissance,” recognized more than 500 students Thursday in a variety of academics.

National Honor Society members, peer tutors, and students of the month, were just some of the students honored.

Supporting the school’s academic excellence is something that teachers have continued in this annual tradition. “You know they get their report card at home and that’s great, and they’re excited, and mom and dad are excited, but this way the whole community and the rest of the students get to see they’re doing a good job at school and doing what they’re supposed to do,” said Joanne Cappuccio.

Teachers also hope the rally motivates other students who were not able to participate to try to be part of it in the future.