Logan hosts ‘High Quiz Bowl,’ testing student knowledge

Up to three teams can move on to nationals

A bowl game of another kind tested the might of local students’ brainpower.

Logan hosted the state ‘High Quiz Bowl’ Saturday, pitting teams’ knowledge of anything ranging from science to pop culture against each other.

The trivia teams, each made up of 4 students, work together to answer questions before opposing teams get a chance to respond, and each teammate brings their own unique blend of knowledge to their team.

“We have people from all different backgrounds because we do have questions about sportws and math, but also reading, literature questions, pop culture questions, so it’s an activity where everyone gets to play to their own strengths,” said Logan High School Senior Rachel Carboni.

Up to three teams from Saturday’s competition have the chance to move on to the nationals tournament.

This was the 5th year Logan has hosted this tournament.