Logan retakes Ark from Central

The Rangers last won the battle for the Ark in 2016

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WKBT)–The Rangers felt a chip on their shoulder coming into Friday night’s game, and rode that energy to hand Central their first loss of the season.

“It was motivation,” said Senior Dareales Phillips. “As long as I see the smiles on these boys’ faces, the tears of joy, this is my last game, I’m just glad we won I’m glad we were able to go to battle.” he added.

But things were looking Central’s way early, as as Therin Smith punched a pitch into the end zone to put the RiverHawks 7-0.

But that was the only time the RiverHawks would score a touchdown, as a tough defense kept talented QB Mason Herlitzke out of the end zone.

“It was just magical the whole night, we got the job done, put it away got the arc back,” added Junior Josh Waite.