Logan’s Martell Owens ready to dominate the trenches

It is officially Week 1 of the high school football season for 11-man in Wisconsin. In some of our previous stops at some of our smaller communities, we’ve seen a drop-off in kids participating. The same is true in La Crosse for the Rangers of Logan.

Normally Casey Knoble has around 70 guys; this year it’s 50, so everybody’s going to be playing both ways.

The Rangers went 2-3 in spring with a notable win over Central to reclaim the Ark. And one Ranger who’s sure to be a disruptive force is 285-pound defensive lineman Martell Owens. With the help of his dad, he’s been training like a madman this year.

“[My dad] has me in the gym non-stop, late at night, after practices, we’re lifting,” Owens said. “We used to lift at the wellness center but then it closed down, so we moved over to Iron Physique, and we’ve just been banging it out for months. He won’t let me take a day off and I love him for it.”

Owens is almost constantly double or triple teamed on the line and he still had 32 tackles, 2 sacks, a forced fumble and interception last spring. If offenses this year plan on triple-teaming him again, he says bring it on.

“It feels good knowing there is more than one person who needs to stop me from getting to a quarterback or running back,” Owens said. “[After every game] I just want [opposing offensive linemen] to know I didn’t back down from them, that I’m ready for every challenge, double teams, triple teams. I love it. Sometimes it can be a bit much, but it’s the trenches. I love it down there.”

Logan hosts Eau Claire Memorial Aug. 20.