Look for invasive species as you pull equipment from the water

Invasive Species Coordinator: Look over anything you're pulling out of the water

If you haven’t already pulled your boats and equipment out of the water now’s probably a good time.

And when you do make sure you’re checking for invasive species.

The La Crosse Area Aquatic Species Coordinator says things like Zebra Mussels and Faucet Snails are becoming prominent in the area. To slow the spread make sure you look over anything you’re pulling out of the water so you don’t take any aquatic hitchhikers with you.

“When they die off, their shells will wash up on shore and for people that like to go swimming or you know walk along the shore, it can definitely cut up people’s feet and another thing with zebra mussels is they’re kind of taking out the base of the food chain, so it really has negative effects on fisheries as well,” said La Crosse Area Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator Scott Caven.

It’s recommended you remove the invasive critters by hand.