‘Lost Boys’ help build library in Sudan homeland

MOORHEAD, Minn. (AP) — The work of two Sudanese war refugees to establish a library in their homeland, along with their Minnesota and North Dakota supporters, is paying off.

The Forum newspaper reports the building is complete and 20,000 books have reached the capital of South Sudan.

It’s awaiting final shipment to the library in the city of Ganyliel once the rainy season ends in a few months.

Gat-Kier Machar and Justin Machien Luoi are “Lost Boys” who fled war-torn Sudan as boys. They are among Sudanese in Fargo-Moorhead who have been working with supporters for six years to establish the library.

Machien Luoi left Fargo and has been in South Sudan since last year, coordinating the project there. Machar has been overseeing the nonprofit that’s working toward the library.