Low turnout expected for February primary

Less than 10%t of eligible voters statewide are expected to cast a ballot in next week’s election.

Outside of the La Crosse mayoral race, Bangor schools have a referendum, a few local government seats are up for grabs, and there’s a primary for the State Supreme Court.

The La Crosse Co. Clerk expects a higher turnout compared to the rest of the state, something around 14%.


“Historically, this race always goes 8-9%, if something’s contested it ups it to 10 or 11, and the city of La Crosse is really what’s going to bring up the county average with that mayoral primary being on the ballot,” said La Crosse Co. Clerk Ginny Dankmeyer.

For more on the upcoming primary, you can visit our spring election page. There you will also find a bio for each candidate, and their views on some of the most important issues.