Lumberyard gets new 1st base dugout

The Lumberyard is getting an update a week before artificial turf is put in.

Crews ripped out the 11 year old first base dugout to make room for a brand new one.

The Logger’s General Manager says it had to be done before the turf was put in so the new grass could go all the way up to it.

It’s expected to be finished by next week so they can start the longer process of installing the artificial turf. “It will be about a five week process, they’re projecting, depending on if the weather cooperates and all that good stuff, because it’s about 3 weeks to dig it up and get the underlayment and drainage put in and another two weeks to lay the actual turf itself on top of it,” said Loggers G.M. Chris Goodell.

The turf should be ready for some ground balls in November.