Lumberyard to get new turf field

Baseball fans will notice a big improvement to the Lumberyard later this year.

Copeland Park will be replacing its infield with artificial turf thanks to a donation from the Skogen family.

That’s creating quite a buzz among officials with the Loggers and UW-La Crosse’s baseball program.

They say not only will the field look great every day of the year, but it will make preparations for the 200 games played on the field annually much easier. “It looks the same 365 days a year and it never changes, there’s not mowing, there’s no painting lines, there’s no field maintenance,” said UW-L Men’s Baseball Coach Chris Schwarz.


“It’s an enormous and impressive addition to any ballpark, but especially this one because we’re in Wisconsin, it’s going to increase the playability to everyone immensely that’s out here and uses it,” said Logger’s G.M. Chris Goodell.

It will take about five weeks to install the turf which will happen later this fall. UW-La Crosse is expected to start playing games at the Lumberyard next Spring.