Luther’s uptempo style a success this season

The  Luther basketball team has hustled their way to some recognition throughout the Coulee Region. “Its fun to get on the map a little bit,” says senior guard Christian Kennedy.

An uptempo run and gun style of play has helped the Knights to a 15-2 overall record and to the top of the Coulee Conference standings. It’s a style of play head coach Brad Schaper envisioned when evaluating this season’s roster. “We try to push the basketball as hard and as fast as we possibly can.”

The Knights can maintain that pace in part because of their incredibly deep bench. “I have 12 kids on our team right now that I can put in at anytime and our level doesn’t drop when they go in,” says Schaper.


“After about 2 or 3 minutes of going hard, then we have guys come in and fill our spots and play defense and still do the same things we’re doing. It really helps us out a lot,” adds Kennedy.

Luther’s uptempo offense actually begins on defense, where the Knights are trying to pressure their way to their first Coulee Conference Championship since 1996.

“We love to play full court pressure. We wear other players out by making them play the full length of the court,” Schaper says.

With the emergence of Luther in the state rankings this season (number-10 in Division 4 in this week’s poll), the Knights have found a way to steal some headlines playing just 5 blocks down on Wilson Street from the number-one ranked Onalaska Hilltoppers.

“Its been kind of fun to have this Wilson Street basketball thing going here.”