Make sure your kids do not eat too much candy for Halloween

Moderation will keep them healthier, make candy last longer

With Halloween Monday night health officials want to remind you and your kids not to eat too much candy in the next few days.

Health experts recommend you keep track of how much candy your kids are eating, saying moderation will keep them healthier and make their candy last longer.

While it is important to keep your kids from overeating, health experts do say letting kids enjoy their candy for one day should be fine.

“It’s one day out of the year. It’s not going to make or break you one way or the other. Letting kids enjoy themselves, letting them consume the candy that they get and then putting a little bit more structure after the one holiday of the year and limiting it to a couple pieces for a snack or for dessert after dinner,” said Gundersen health System Registered Dietician Jessica Lind.

Health experts also say you can replace some of the sweet snacks with non-food Halloween gifts.