Man arrested following 13-hour standoff

Area around home on Berwyn Drive back open

The 400 block of Berwyn Drive on Madison’s west side has reopened following a 13-hour standoff.

Police and SWAT personnel took 51-year-old Steven P. Boyle into custody at 3:30 Tuesday morning.

Authorities arrived at the scene at 2:30 Monday afternoon, police said.

Police were contacted by a relative of Boyle who had been making threats, said Joel DeSpain, Madison police public information officer.

There was a female friend in the home with Boyle, but sometime Monday afternoon she left the residence, DeSpain said. Police say he was alone in the residence at the time of his arrest.

Police operated under the assumption Boyle had weapons, DeSpain said.

Police negotiators spent Monday trying to make contact with the man. Records show he has felony and misdemeanor convictions in Dane County dating back to the early 1990s, including child abuse and false imprisonment.

The Bearcat, an armored vehicle was used by officers to try to communicate with Boyle, officials said. 

Police take man into custody after 13 hour standoff