Man says McDonald’s employee put bleach in his drink

A Florida man says a McDonald’s employee placed a bleach pod in his drink after he asked her to replace the first one for a larger size.

WJXT reports Lee Graves went through the drive-thru and was given a small Coke, but had actually ordered a large. Graves then asked for the correct size, and as he began to drive away, noticed something was wrong.

“As I’m leaving the parking lot, the Coke just starts to explode everywhere.”

That’s when Graves says he took a few drinks so the soda wouldn’t spill all over his vehicle, and immediately tasted chemicals. Upon further inspection, Graves says he pulled a bleach pod out of the bottom of the cup, which ultimately sent him to the hospital.

After a doctor personally called the McDonald’s to inquire about the object found in the cup, Graves was treated for bleach and chlorine poisoning.

McDonald’s released a statement saying they are taking the claim “very seriously” and are “investigating the manner.”

Graves filed a police report and the employee denied she put anything in his drink.